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This Month's Forecast

August 2018

Spiritual growth continues and make the most of this phase. Inner journey provides more returns on your efforts. Name and fame continues to yours. Social connections expand. Writers, journalist, story writers do well. Focus on partnerships and home life. Sports person do well. Very romantic month ahead. Children do very well in education. Financial situation improves and return on investments are good. Long term career changes are happening, and adaptability is the key. Hence go with the flow.

Everything from romance to renovation, internal to external and cash flow in all aspects are indicated. Efforts of good karma bring in good karma and same is applicable for the opposite situation too. Long term changes are happening from within. Your mind is focussed on the work front and your intuition levels is very strong. Long recovery also happens. Health aspects need your attention on the home front. Spend quality time with family.

Worshipping on Mahadev (Lord Shiva) will give you all the answers to your present concerns. Environment at home is conducive for love, growth and buying a new house. You communicate a lot this month. However, you need to be connected with your inner self and be deeply rooted while speaking. Be careful of your choice of words. Overseas travel and involving with a larger population is foreseen. Focus on spirituality is there and you benefit by practising Yoga and Meditation.

Your outlook to life changes and some of you are likely to reach out in unchartered territories for Change is for business takes place. Relationships with partners may not be that great. Wait for a while. Build your relationships with your partners in life, by putting in extra efforts and attention. Mis-understanding needs to be sorted out in the very initial stages. Your opposition parties are not able to stop and you continue your progress.

Financial ventures are on the move. Investing, banking, interiors, fashion designing, acting, music are some the high performing and active areas this month. Those involved with these areas are busy and make gains. Some of you will be into social work. Your partners are very support and caring. Your financial wisdom is put to test. Mind is occupied with overseas ventures and drawing up new projects for long term success.

Planet Saturn is your most important teacher and your patience is tested. You will get rewards for your persistence. Finances improves and so does your desire for doing good Karmic deeds. Childrenís studies and home work keep you extremely busy this month. Extra effort is required to coach and support them. Social connections are growing rapidly

Time for change is indicated soon as the major planets are moving as you read this forecast. Financial situations will improve, but with some beginning of increased spending this month. Health is good. You make progress with persistence but clearly due to the grace of Mahadev. Projects pick up speed for professionals. Promotions are foreseen.

Defence forces are busy and their hands are full this month. Their freedom of tacking actions is however curtailed. You are at peace and experience deep silence. Enjoy these moments with your loved at home. Self-expression is at itís peak. You speak your heart and mind to everyone around you. Financially it is a good time for business.

Socially a great time ahead and you make great connections, which benefits you. Connection with spiritual masters are also foreseen. Those in leadership positions go through stressful phase. However, avoid letting the chemicals released by your stressful mind stay in your body. Throw them out through practise of Yoga.

Higher efforts are put in for those on the spiritual path. Relationships with your siblings are very good. Areas of travel and partnerships are highly energized. New partners and new business initiatives are taken. Avoid giving money to others. Expansion of authority and responsibility follows. Excellent times ahead.

You are calm and this inner calmness only expands over the time. Trust your intuition and you will never go wrong. Keep plans to yourself till they are finalized. New relationships with women happen and you cherish these ones. Luck is also on your side. Mahadev showers in grace on to you. Bow down to him for this love and care. Overseas travel is highlighted.

Financial matters are energized and so is education. Part time education, higher studies, acquiring new skills happen for the good. Problems could come from money matters of the past. Knowledge about past and future are opened up. Astrologers, Insurance agents, fund managers and consultants do well.

Srrinivas Iyer
Phala Jyotish
Vashi, Navi Mumbai
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(M) +91 9867755116

The above readings are based on the sun-sign and the planetary transits thereof. It is general in nature. For specific readings seek out expert advice based on your individual chart.

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