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This Month's Forecast

March 2018

You are highly energetic this month and career progresses well. Think twice before you act and avoid emotional decision making on the home front. You are lucky and work hard to make your dreams come true. Friends prosper and you rise because of your social contacts. Persistence pays off and you will succeed in your efforts. An extremely social period ahead is indicated for you.

Your creativity expands in unknown areas, which you havenít ventured before. You take initiative in romance. The person you meet will not be your life partner. Be patient for a while. Health problems both you. Short distance travel is indicated. You entered a transformative and difficult phase. Adapt to the new outlook in life. Praying to Lord Murugan will help you bring clarity to your career ahead. Career shines.

The phase influences your finances and siblings. You enjoy emotional bonding with your brothers and sisters. You enjoy speaking on a wide variety of subjects. Finances and romance flourish. Children do well in their studies, but with minor concerns. Some of you may undergo some blood tests and the results would be favourable. Intuition about others finances are strong. An extremely luck month ahead. Strong bonds in partnership and marriage is Indicated.

The month begins on a lucky note. Creativity is at itís peak. Your thought process is very diverse and unique. Moving into a new house is indicated. Some of you also renovate your house. Your luck in lotteries. Married life is curtailed. You need to work hard on relationships. Those going through any divorce will end up with an amicable settlement. Windfall gain from others are indicated, such as inheritance.

Intuition about relationships and travel are indicated. Your hands are lucky. Whatever your initiative is, it is very lucky. Giving with your hands to others is also good, as it brings prosperity to others too. Home life is energized and for good. Auspicious functions involving fire and prayer are indicated. Romance is steady now. Children prosper slowly but steadily. Enemies are curtailed in their attempt to thwart your plans.

Expenses increases and this trend continues in the next few months. New sources of income are also seen. You are a fitness freak and go all out to take care of your health. Change of job is indicated and this is a long-term trend. Those expecting children will experience delays or some kind of surgery. Be careful of your speech, as you would end up creating enemies due to harsh words. New friends from far off places are indicated.

Jupiter transits your 1 house and this is the best phase. Be thankful to god and enjoy this lucky phase. Finances are great and so is your career, which is an all time high. Expenses are high and hence need to manage carefully. You need to also have a control over your choice of words. You reach out to the masses including senior leaders too. Extremely romantic and passionate period ahead.

Sportsperson, military, police, air force personnel do extremely well. Victory in sports is indicated some of you. Your financial wisdom is tested and long- term investments pay off. Those in creative pursuits experience slowdown in business for a while. Motherís health is good. Purchase of new vehicles and assets are Indicated. Some of you embark on a new spiritual journey and travel long distance also.

Your successful journey has been continuing for a while and this trend continues throughout the year. Name and fame comes our way. You rise to authoritative position slowly and steadily. Your financial acumen is very good. Self-expression is very strong and powerful. Overseas travel is indicated and it will be good. Chefís and hoteliers do very well in their profession. Friends are lucky for you and they support you a lot.

You are very spiritual this month. You are like a warrior this month and go all out to take on your opponents. Success is assured. New partnerships are formed. Focus on your marriage and need to work on the same for enhancing bonding. Self -expression is good. You are very impressive in your vocabulary. Career and business expands. Friends lobby around you for support and strength.

A highly ahead hectic and busy month ahead. Beauty is on the top of your mind. Renovation, beautification, buying new clothes and jewellery are indicated. You are highly intuitive and you will never go wrong. Intellect is extremely strong. Career is growing strong and this will continue for a few months. A busy month on the professional front is seen.

Your mind is shadowed due to the transit of Rahu. Be careful of influences of some evil elements. Avoid contacts with some people promising quick returns through shady deals. Returns from others are indicated. A busy and lucky month for you. Change of profession or responsibilities happen for the better. Name and fame also comes your way.

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Phala Jyotish
Vashi, Navi Mumbai
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The above readings are based on the sun-sign and the planetary transits thereof. It is general in nature. For specific readings seek out expert advice based on your individual chart.

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