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This Month's Forecast

October 2018

This festive brings in major changes for you sign after the 12 October, when Jupiter moves from Libra to Scorpio. Financial investment of others needs to be handled with extra care, including inherited properties. Professional persistence pays off. Lotís of activities on the professional front, though you may feel a bit directionless. Extra focus on house hold matters are required. Financially the first 12 days are lucky.

Areas of Love, bonding, education, children and romance remain energized till the 16 of this month. Make the most of it. Expansion of partnership, travelling, marriage, gain in weight, expansion of social connections are indicated in the second half of the month. This is a long-term trend and make the most of it by writing this in your calendar of yearly goals. Transformation is happening in your life now. Avoid investing in real estate this year.

New sources of finance are opening up. Be prudent in your financial dealings and investment matters. Matters on the home front are energized, as it filled with self-expression and communication. The wheel of fortune of romance and finance are now turning. Health matters and loans are now coming in to focus. Partnership and romance need attention, as your determination is put to test. Avoid rash driving and dangerous sports.

Till the 17 of this month, you are very creative and communication. Make the most of it by building this in your strategy document. Around the mid of this month, you enter a period of financial abundance. New romantic relationship are formed. Nagging health issues still continue for a while. Lending and other financial matters continue to be a focus for you. Challenges in recovery of loans are seen. Hence be wise in these matters.

The first half of the month is great for self-expression and the second half for pursuing your creative pursuits. Any outward mass communication should be planned after the 18 of October for effective results. In general, there will lot of news about judicial matters and matters of justice in the media in the 2 half of the month. Favourable results are indicated before the 12 of this month and later may not be great.

Avoid major financial decisions after the 18 of this month. Wrap up major decisions before the 12 of this month and then maintain status quo. Your persona shines and your energy levels are high. Finances are good. You enter a long-term phase of doing good to others, creative writing and efforts. New ventures are foreseen and success is assured for you, as lady luck smiles on your house of fortune. Maternal relationships need to be nurtured.

After the 18 of this month, grace of Goddess Devi (MahaDevi, as I call it) is not there. Every major project can wait till the 28 of this month. Isnít it? Worship during this period is advised and also some silent meditation. More advisable to pregnant woman too. Finances improves and so do expenditure. Goes with your belief of ĎZindagi Na Milgi Dubraí. Bollywood style living is your new mantra. The energy of persistence of Saturn is seen and gives positives benefit too.

The Wheel of Fortune is a moving now and this month is your time of luck for you. This is a long-term lucky phase for you. Relax, this is just the beginning. Plan well and make the most of it. Wisdom on financial independence is now put to and this has been going for a while and will be there for a while. Good period for sportsperson, Armed forces, Fire Fighters and they will succeed in their mission, albeit with some obstacles and uncertainties.

Trend of Name, Fame and social connections continue. Good or bad results depend on your karma. Truly goes the age old saying that your destiny is completely in your hands. Avoid stress, which is seen in your chart. It is not good for your health. This changes the chemistry in your body and spreads all over. Use words carefully, as you may hurt others out of lack of awareness. Expenses are high. House of overseas matters and affairs are activated and this is a long term trend.

Action packed month lies ahead. Slowly there is now better clarity in your life, which you are happy about. The next one year is all about expansion of social connection, new friends and income. Should I say more that finances will be great? Connection with senior leaders overseas happen, which benefit you in the long run. Communications skills are great in the professional arena and rise in position in also seen.

With the blessing of Mahadev, you are entering a period of expansion in your professional area. Business, work, professional responsibilities come your way. Chant Om Namo Shiva on 12 October and begin this wonderful journey. Connections with senior leadership in all aspects are seen. Politicians also come in the limelight in connecting with the masses. Self-Expression is at itís peak. Creative writers, artist, medic professional, Journalist, film producers all do very well. I am saying Om Namo Shiva right away.

Your Bhagya Sthan is activated this month as the wheel of fortune and planetary transits are now in your favour. Rest is self-explanatory and you can understand for yourself. The smile on your face will speak for itself. Mass communication and connections are seen. Bring in balance in your life, by focussing on home life too. Love affairs and romantic associations happening, with some secrecy around it. Enjoy the phase and express gratitude to all

Srrinivas Iyer
Phala Jyotish
Vashi, Navi Mumbai
Email: -
(M) +91 9867755116

The above readings are based on the sun-sign and the planetary transits thereof. It is general in nature. For specific readings seek out expert advice based on your individual chart.

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