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This Month's Forecast

August 2017

A financially beneficial month lies ahead for you. You are surrounded by beauty and you make good progress in professional area. Romance is indicated and this area is charged this month till the 20 of August. There are slight tensions on the home front and minor tiffs are indicated. Health of family members needs your attention. Focus more on the relationship with children and financial matter. Think twice before you act, is the message of Lord Shiva. Donít go for new borrowing now. Wait for a while.


You impress others (particularly women) with your flow of words. This results in financial gains from others. Those in the field of insurance and consultancy do very well. You will also feel lack of energy in carry out your tasks. Career matters also slow down a bit. However, self-expression is at its peak. Your enemies are slowed down. Some health issues may also bother you in a small way. Learning and creativity is at its peak. Some of you seek Moksha and develop a keen interest in this subject.


You make great progress in creative fields such as arts, dancing, painting and other forms of creative pursuits. Money wise also it is a great phase. Speech is very expressive and powerful. You embark on new avenues of career and put lot of efforts in this area. Communication is indicated with far off contacts, but the results will be visible next month only. Keep going. Move to a bigger house is indicated along with increased progress in business and other professional areas.


Health is not as great as you wish it should be during this month. Health of your siblings comes under focus. They should take extra care in this area. Your hands are divine and hence you should do good deeds, which will bring in positive results to everyone. Health of your children needs attention. They will make progress, but slowly and steadily. Intuition is very strong, particularly in areas of any potential harm to you. There is nothing to worry, as the transits are in your favour.


Innovative ideas come to you naturally. Do watch out your communication, as there could be some misunderstanding if there is no clarity. Do reinforce the intent of your message. Think positive and speak well of others, as your words are powerful enough to manifest into reality. Change in profession and/or location of office is indicated. If this has already happened, the change of role is indicated. Accept and be prepared for the change. You benefit with your connections, particular from women.


Your period of luck continues with the blessing of Lord Shiva. Expansion is seen in all the areas of your life. There could be health worries this year. Lots of meditation and exercise will help you. Overseas communication is strongly indicated and some of you will travel also for a short duration. Your friends do well in their profession and this calls for celebration too. You reach out to senior authorities as you engage in your efforts. Increments/promotions are foreseen.


Relationship with your co-borns will be under stress till end of August. However, this only strengthens your bonding with them in the long run. There could be a temporary change of residence for some, but this would come back to normal too. Inheritance from others may be delayed a bit. Have patience this month, as this period comes to an end. Some hurdles are indicated in your educational front and hence be patient. Professional life will be great.


Stress levels will be high and you should not let this affect your health. If not taken seriously, you are likely to be under go depression. This phase comes to an end in September. Cheer up. Married life is also under stress. So work towards it. Same is the situation in the professional front. Change of job and/or business is indicated in this phase. Chances of accidents are also high. So be on the alert. Seek preventive medical attention where required without hesitation.


Those in the hotel industry will expand their base and the phase till mid of September is good. Career is going in different directions for a while and new ventures are seen. Additional responsibilities are coming your way. Handle it with extra care in the professional area, without neglect. Worshipping Lord Shiva is a must as He is the one who lets you said through safely and smoothly. Investment in overseas properties is indicated. You attract beneficial partners.


Financial intuition is good and you make the best of the judgements. Self-expression is also very strong in partnership and also in the home front. Health matters need second opinion and could be related to excess mental worries. Career is fine as expansion is seen in this front. Connection with heads of state government authorities is seen. You network a lot and this is beneficial for you. Loans can be taken easily before the 20 of August. Sudden turn of event happen overseas and in the night times too. Be prepared.


You are spiritual. Belief in the power of the prayers is very strong. There could be some sense of directionless in your professional matters. Have patience for the next two months and things would be fine. Money matters are fine. You are likely to spend on revamping your wardrobe or your house interiors. You receive money from unknown/hidden sources. Interest in astrology and occult sciences take a lot of your time and money. Professional changes are indicated and growth is seen.


Partnership matters may wobble for a while. With persistence your make progress in your career. Keep your faith in yourself. Those planning to start a family, this is the right time this month. Children shine a lot in their students. Spiritually you are focussed towards liberation. If you have applied for an overseas job, then it will on hold for a while. Go by your intuition and you will never be wrong. Overall a great period lies ahead. Worshipping Lord Hanuman on Saturdays is recommended.

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