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This Month's Forecast

November 2018

Tantra and Mantra, Occult studies, past lives subjects, hidden treasures are some of the areas that are energies and this is a long-term trend. Inheritance of property and property redevelopment benefits are foreseen. Passion is marriage is energized and surely a great time to expand your family for the eligible ones. Career moves ahead slowly but steadily. Work life is very busy. Focus on home life, particularly on motherís health.

Travel and new partnerships are formed. However, they need to be nurtured or existing partnership come into some minor disturbing phase. Communication is excellent in the 2 half of the month. Hence plan accordingly. You embark on completely new projects, which you call out of the box thinking. Avoid investments in real estate for a year. You are going through a transformative phase and the stars advise you to go with the flow. Intuition on the professional front is strong.

Children do very well in their education in the first half of the month. Your finances are also good right now. Keep your plans under guard, as your opponents may take benefit of it. Health matters trouble you and needs attention, as it will grow more if not attended too. Overseas travel is indicated. Obviously staying away from home means, you need to pay extra attention for balancing the same. Those in farming do well. Think twice about financial investments.

You need to put in lot of efforts to accomplish your goals. Finances improve in the 2 half of the month. Long term trend indicates that your children do very well in education and also improvement in finances. Avoid stress and it could worsen your health aspects. Relationships may turn sour if act harshly. Not a great time for forming new partnership- be it professional or personal. Overseas connections and those in electronic industry do well.

Buying a new house or renovations are foreseen. Creativity is extremely good and with the blessing of the Mahadevi, your efforts are also successful. Personal relationship is strengthened due to your great communication skills. Childrenís health may be tested. Also your attention on learning requires extra efforts due to your closed mindset. Blood pressure fluctuations are foreseen, along with mood swings too. Pay attention.

Your hands are very lucky. This month do good to others through volunteering or writing or donating. This will lead to your welfare and others too. Cobornís do well due to your positive influence. Money is pouring in for you. Consolidate your home life and be grounded here. You embark or energize your fitness regime and positive results are ensured. You expand your emotional connect with your friends thus strengthening the bond.

The fiery energies with you expand and in a positive sense. Tiredness is a thing of the past this month till the 16. Hence, accordingly plan your schedule. Finances are good and new sources of income and expenditure are opening up. Writers, speakers and those in mass media see their work expanding and benefits reaping it. Some muscle pull is seen in your forearms and shoulders. Havans and Poojas are seen in the home front. Surely, an indication of good times.

This month and year ahead is your time to enjoy the blessing of the wheel of fortune. Expansion of persona, positive attitude, health and wealth, relationship, short distance travel, romance and lady luck are your side. Isnít that a long list and something to smile about with gratitude. Financial prudence is put to test. Creativity may be limited and you may struggle to hit the find the right words. Passion is at its peak.

Wheel of fortune of name and fame, along with stress continues. Overseas connections, Exports and Imports and business of hotel industry flourishes. Itís time to listen more than talk more. You are wise enough to understand this. Yours words will be harsh and fiery. Some esoteric subjects may attract, but stay away for a while. New friendships are formed with those younger to you in age. Financial returns are also foreseen.

You feel like a sprinter, who is full of energy and dash. Career front may not be as great, as some sense of restlessness prevails. Spiritually you make great progress and spending some time in ashrams are indicated. You stand up and speak in large forums. Professional life is good and romance is indicated on the work front. Connection with government officials and heads of states of foreign bodies will happen. New romantic relationships are indicated.

Your have intuitive for a while and this run continues. With majority of the planets on the bright half of your chart, results of your Karma are in direction proportion to your hard work. Professional opportunities expand, career shines, blessing of Mahadevi are yours. You connect with leader and the masses. So obviously name and fame are yours in the months to come. You are interested in spirituality and Moksha and make progress in leaps and bounds.

Passion runs high and it is advised to channelize this energy in multiple ways. Strong romantic liaisons are seen. Now you are on the fast track career growth. Those, who have ben struggling for a while, will see things shaping up and career growth moving upwards. Changes are happening in the professional front. New jobs, new roles and assignments come your way. Unplanned expenses are indicated and hence exercise second thought in all expenses, both planned and unplanned.

Srrinivas Iyer
Phala Jyotish
Vashi, Navi Mumbai
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The above readings are based on the sun-sign and the planetary transits thereof. It is general in nature. For specific readings seek out expert advice based on your individual chart.

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