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This Month's Forecast

January 2018

The year begins on an energetic note with lots of travel and connections. Relationship between partners (marriage and business) is also energized. Overall luck is on your side this month. Convey your gratitude to existence for this wonderful period. Mood swings are very high. Keep a tab on your emotional swings. Destiny has more influence on you rather than your efforts. Go with the flow of life. Professionally there is uncertainty, but this is for a while.


You continue your pursuit on creative projects and completely new initiatives. Creative writers and professional do very well. Beware of debts and diseases. You are likely to be down with fever and undergo a few blood tests too. You have to put effort in competitive initiatives and your competitors have an edge over you. Career is good, but uncertainty is there. Lots of communication happens in your partnerships. Overseas travel and interest in spirituality is there.


Your 7 house is energized and filled with events. Tension, love, self-expression, reaching out to people and a mix of other events are indicated. Financial sources of income multiply. Romance is in the air. Childrenís health comes under focus and hence you need to pay proper attention to them. Mind your words; else you could create some enemies. Interest in occult sciences is enhanced. Fame and self-expression are yours. Good time to start a family of yours for the eligible ones.


You would have already gone through some changes in the recent past. A good time lies ahead this month. Travel may not as productive as it should be. Focus on your home life too and there could be some trouble brewing up. Work towards a health partnership in business and personal life too. Social life is very good and you benefit from your connections, which help you build your professional life. Expansion of home is seen. Some of you will move into a new house or carry our repairs to expand the areas.


Career shines throughout the month with the blessing of Planet Jupiter. You will embark on creative writing and learning spiritual subjects. Success is ensured for the hard work you put in. The month ahead for financial activities is good as your sources of income multiply. Expenses also increase and you spend mostly in the area of beauty, be it your home or your own personal outlook. Health is good and your opponents cannot stop you from making rapid progress. Be grateful to existence.


Beware of some ailments, which could go out of control. There are chances of injuries and hence safety is of utmost importance during this month. Financial sources expand and so does your expenses. You communicate very effectively, but a bit harshly too. Watch out this aspect. Change of job is indicated. Self-expression on the home front is very good. You can look forward for a great family time. Childrenís health comes under focus. Your intuition about your health is strong. Trust your instincts.


You embark on a fitness regime and also are full of vigour and vitality. Married life may not be a smooth sailing and there are minor tiff with your better half. Luck is on your side and hence things go smoothly despite the arguments. You focus on money matters a lot and also recommend others to follow your thoughts. You reach out to the masses on your professional front. Romance is in the air and there is nothing to stop you from expressing it.


Your mind is very agile and you speak with clear precision about whatís on your mind. Finances are strained a bit, but you will find alternate ways to manage your cash flow. New projects completely out of the blue are pursued by you. Your night life is very hectic. So look forward to partying around in warm places. Overseas travel is indicated, but it may not bring all the results which you expected. Hoteliers do well in their business during this month.


Name, fame and persistent efforts are the mantra for this month. Take care of not over-burdening yourself with too much of work and action. Some of you may feel moody and depressed. However, be more optimistic and this will clear the clouds. Drink lots of water and you may experience body heat or the like such as fever. Relationship with you sibling are restrained. Be affectionate towards them and encourage them to speak. Overall a mixed month.


You are likely to be more spiritual. Others from different walks of life seek your time and energy. Overseas travel is indicated and you visit places, which are completely not in your list of preferences. This expands your views about life. Intuition about financial matters is very strong and you will never be wrong by trusting it. Mediation helps. Professional life is very good and you are very additional charge of new portfolio. Your father will be very supportive of your work too.


Focus on your own emotions and also on motherís health. Minor health concerns remain and you should get the right diagnosis. Avoid taking loans for a while, though it will easily come your way. Career is going great and also energized. This will be a busy month, with lot of energy in you too. You donít hold back yourself in achieving your goals. Professional communication is at its peak. Some of you will also bond and communicate well with your father in particular.

Others money such as inheritance, some unpaid loan to you, gifts are coming your way this month. Consultants do very well in their line of business. Fame, recognition, speeches, conferences are the major themes in your life now. What a way to begin your new year-isnít it? You will meet lot people, but not making new friends. Romance is in the air and you express it very vocally. Childrenís health comes under focus. You may embark on a new line of study.

Srinivas Iyer
Phala Jyotish
Vashi, Navi Mumbai
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The above readings are based on the sun-sign and the planetary transits thereof. It is general in nature. For specific readings seek out expert advice based on your individual chart.

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