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This Month's Forecast

September 2017

Post September 12 your period of luck shines for the next one year. Make the most of it. Those working in the overseas areas and projects will do extremely well. Money expected from other sources will be delayed. Take good care of your health this month too. Your intuition about friends is great. Home life is great, with money and happiness of the family. Your mind is very active this month. End of romance is round the corner. Expect changes in these areas and permanent ones. Accept it in your stride.


This month is an important month of change. Romance is no longer a priority, but career is. However home life is much under focus, including real estate investments for household property. Clarity on all issues is clear after 8 September. You make rapid progress, as your ability to overcome obstacles is very persistent and this is coupled with the blessing of planets. Relationships are strained for a while, but it improves the bonding. You connect with several people, including senior government officials.


Money is in abundance and your voice is charming too. You impress people with your speech and win accolades. Creativity, self-expression, writing skills, mathematical skills are all applied by you to achieve your goals. You are like to move into a new house and expand your home. Professionally too take on new responsibilities and grow in this area. Avoid stress, at it could to some health issues. Oppositionís strength to slow you down does not work at all. Intuition about otherís finances is strong.


Beauty shines and you are charming as an Angel. Interior designing of your house is on the top of your mind and you are likely to spend time and efforts in a facelift to your house. Review your financial decision twice. Money comes from different areas other than your regular source of income. Connections are made with younger people than your age. Childrenís health comes under focus. They make progress through persistence. Money matters are delayed due to transit of Saturn.


You are undergoing a major change. A new era begins after 8 September and in your favour. Changes for the better happen in your home and professional. Career and business which was constrained for some unknown reasons are now gone and things are on the fast track now. You have the stamina and luck. You communicate a lot both in writing and verbally. Flow of money happens, along with minor unwanted and unplanned expenditure. Acquisition of property in on the top of your mind.


Your period of weight gain is coming to end. Now your fitness regime bring is positive results. The next one year is about financial expenditure and gains. It will be more of expenditure than gains to a larger extent. You put persistent bring in positive results. So keep going. Overseas affairs gain momentum. Those focussing on relocation on a permanent basis will hear positive news. Those in catering business will see their business expanding. Partnerships bring in good results.


A positive era of expansion lies ahead. Changes for the better happen for you from this month onwards. So is your weight gain. So watch out on this front. Relationships with your sibling may be tested till end of October. In the next two months your financial wisdom is put to test. Go by past experience and your own intuitive ability. Business and profession prosper in the first half of the month. So make the most of it. Parties, speeches are very much on the cards. You will be talking all the way through the parties.


You may feel depressed with the events happening around you. Cheer up and look around. Things arenít as bad as they seem. Be discreet about your plans, else they may be leaked out and cause loses to you. It need not be financial loses all the time. Your 10 house of profession is fully energy and there is much happening on that front. Look for promotion and happiness in this area. After the 12 September, you can expect long distance journey on several occasions.


Professional matter slows down after the 12 of this month. Be happy about the progress made so far. Everything happens at a certain time and for a certain reason. Post this period your connection with people increase, but with those who are spiritually inclined. Your 9 house of fortune in energised and filled with mix of several events. Changes are indicated for the better. Be on the right side of the law, else you may face the wrath of the authorities.


Gains through friendship are indicated and you also make long term stable friendship. Finances are good this month. Those getting married now will find prosperity. Romance is also indicated for eligible ones. Changes in business and job happen this month. Those struggling in this area will come out of it. Rise in position is indicated. Your mind is focussed towards matters of foreign affairs and long distance journeys are planned.


You are entering a very good phase start 13 September. Pray to Lord Shiva and Ganesha and thank them for this. Collaborations and partnership are made for the better. Relationships improve with your loved ones. Those facing litigations see an end to it this month. Change of job or business for the better is indicated. A minor relocation is possible. Unemployed find employment; such is the divine justice of Planet Saturn. Justice is delivered. Intuition is very strong. Avoid unplanned and unnecessary expenditure this month.


Delays in your fortune are indicated. Promotions, financial gains, etc. are delayed. Your dues will come to you next month. Karmic justice will happen, though there are some delays. Gains from enemies are also indicated. Keep communication plans discrete to yourself. Act first, talk later says Lord Shiva. Financial investments bring in good results. You do excellently well in your communications. Business travel is indicated to places close to sea or lakes. Intuition is strong at night. Leverage this advice.

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