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This Month's Forecast

May 2019

It’s wonderful month ahead filled with beauty and communication. You are expressive and this is visible in your fantastic speech and speed of thoughts. The movement of Sun leads to huge of energy in you in the first half of the month. A major shift happens in your life. Some of you will excel in physical sport and fights too. Be aware. Take care of your right eye. The phrase-slow and steady wins the race aptly is visible to you all.

The first half of the month is suitable for making strides in your profession overseas. After 16 May, the darkness in some areas of your life is over and a new phase begins. With the fiery Mars also in your Lagna, the element of fire plays a major role in your life. Watch your blood pressure and drink enough water this month. Avoid rash decisions, driving and doing in all areas of life in the 1 week of this month. Financial avenues open up and also some expenses too. Bring ‘light’ into this area of life through your efforts.

Your mind, heart and energy sources are highly influenced. Obstacles are dissolved, with persistent efforts. Emotions run high and has a strong hold on your heart. Relationship are going through a bit stressful time. Unexpected health issues bother you. Professional growth and financial benefits are improving. Travel connected to learning and partnership is indicated, with some change of profession too for some of you. Early morning meditation brings benefits to you.

Learning, Love, money and honey are yours. Children do extremely well, bringing in good luck charm to you. Opposing forces are broken down, unleashing you on the path of success. Active communication is happening on the profession front and your charm is superb. Take care of left eye. Logical thinking is influenced and think twice before you act, particularly during night time.

Renovations of your home and heart is seen. This means positive changes in emotions internally and physical changes in the interiors of your home. Some of you may expand your house through interior decorations. Children give some tense passing moments, while learning agility of your self improves. Karma is good and you perform good actions. Friendships with people from varied backgrounds happen now.

Discover the energy of goodness in your hands. Whatever task or project you take now will bring in positive results and financial growth. Donate for good welfare initiatives. Professional changes in your career are happening, which are long term changes. Marriage is on the cards for the eligible ones. New relationship are also happening now. Overseas connections and those with your native place make a great combination

You are spending on yourself and your sibling out of love, though some wasteful actions are indicated. Some problems in your hands or fingers are indicates, which would be related to the bones. Some expenses are indicated to treat your health or ailments. Connecting with your inner energies are indicated. Opening of new career avenues, which comes as a complete surprise for you and rejuvenates your life. Feel the energies of the universe around you.

The universal forces of expansion and luck are being showered on you. Goddess Lakshmi is blessing you. Bow down to these forces and celebrate the great period ahead. Partnership, learning, money and career is doing well now. There is great bonding amongst siblings. Choose your words carefully while speaking and this is a long-term trend. Romantic connections happen. Past life karmic energies connect will be felt strongly by you.

Along with fame, also come a phase of mood swings and stress. Meditation will help you ground, while there is a lot happening around you for the better. Focus on tasks on hand, while focussing on your breathing. Matters of heart materialize into positive connections, as you are in no mood to hold back pouring your heart to someone else. Travel (both inwardly and outwardly) take you on a journey to newer dimensions of life.

Yogis have an out of body experience, particularly during the night time. Dance to the energies of the universe for this wonderful and rare experience. Extremely stillness is required for this , as indicated by the planetary transits. Intuition is strong and you see visual images come to you about the near-term guidance and events. Family life is wonderful, filled with self-expression and strong bonding. The flame of love is burning bright in your heart.

You are deeply silent and you see beauty all around you. Those around you see the beauty in your eyes and admire it too. Career is going great, with increasing responsibilities and financial rewards too. Women make a strong influence on your career growth. Your hands have a healing touch, energizing those around you to be more active. Beat the heat at home through you own creative energies.

Power of expression is great and you win accolades for the same. Bow down to the feminine energy in the Universe. Many of you embark on a fitness regime. Spend more time at home with your family, while other areas are sailing smoothly. Transformations in your career are happening and some limitations are causing you to be feel like you hands are being tied down from executing actions.

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The above readings are based on the sun-sign and the planetary transits thereof. It is general in nature. For specific readings seek out expert advice based on your individual chart.

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