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This Month's Forecast

May 2018

You are very self-expressive and highly energetic too. Take care of the heat this summer. Your body temperature will rise and hence take appropriate measures to keep yourself cool. Lady Luck smiles on you and expect beneficial surprises for you. Financially also a favourable period. Money flows in. Business and career is at its peak. Overseas travel is Indicated. Partnership and long-term relationships are formed.

Renovation and redoing the surrounding around you is your priority. You appreciate beauty and romance is on the top of your mind. Some health issues which had cropped up earlier, continue to bother you. Fears and worries continue to haunt you, but itís a passing phase. Overall career is good and fame is yours. Rewards and recognition are foreseen. You may feel a sense of directionless but praying to Lord Murugan will clear that way.

Your 7 house is fully energized with activity. Name and fame, including connecting with senior heads of state and corporations are indicated. You are prone to accidents and should utmost care, particularly your partners. Professionally you will be communicating a lot. Financially you are inclined to invest in new fields of investment. Think twice before you do as there are risk involved. Avoid taking decisions in the night.

Expansion of your house and family is indicated. You think out of the box and this phase is very good for the electronics and tele=communication professionals. Be careful with law enforcement agencies. If you have any dues to paid, pay it first and then consider other options. Relationship may be stagnant for a while, but this is a passing phase. Professional you continue to do good. New women friends are formed.

Things may have slowed down for a while but will pick up soon. Expansion of efforts in the creative domain is indicated. Money is indicated and lots of learning too. This is major areas of focus in the coming years. Your opponents are not able to stop you. Health is good and intuition is very strong. Trust your instincts. Look Upwards through your inner eye, says Lord Shiva.

Your partner is very communicating and supportive of you. Others will reciprocate this to you very vocally. Expenses are indicated, while the sources of income expand. Be careful of what you speak, says Goddess Parvati as words will manifest into reality. Mothersí health comes into focus and changes are indicated on the maternal home. Intuition is strong related to health matters. Lady luck blesses you with good support at the right time.

The phase of last one year comes to an end. Still there are few months to go by, so make the most of this lucky phase. Your partners do well. You are energetic and persistent about your goals. Success is assured. Now it is about intuitive learning phase. Mind is sharp on health and loan related matters. Be wise and avoid hasty investments. Others investmentís come under focus and people will consult you on such matters for support.

Overseas travel and connections are indicated. This trend has been on the run for a long time and now itís time for change. Make the most of it. Siblings health need some attention. Ask them to be careful while travelling. You move towards spirituality. Students do well in their education. Worshipping Lord Murugan will bring in extra ordinary results. Health is good. Romance is indicated and single ones can look forward for a long-term relationship.

Name and fame are yours. Strength also comes along and you can overcome all the obstacles on your way. You pray for well-being for all and spiritual growth. Communication on the home front is good. You express your feeling to your mother. Love and romance is great. Children do well in their studies. You will be able to repay all your loans. Social interactions increase and there is enhanced emotional bonding amongst your friends.

Spirituality in enhanced and you make rapid progress. This is a long-term trend. Connections with people from different walks of life is indicated. Connections with friends and relatives are indicated using modern means of communication, particularly electronics. Romance is indicated. Professionally you do very well. Overseas business affairs take precedence and there is lot of hectic activity around this.

You are intuitive. Communication is at its peak. You speak out mind to the masses and thus self-expression is also at its peak. Those in the creative profession also do very well. Renovation your house is indicated. You donít mind spending to improve the ambience of your house. Career continues to good. Worshipping Lord Shiva is recommended for ease of gains. Spiritual gains are indicated.

Intelligence shines in your Piscean and you also speak your mind. Pursue creative hobbies. Those in the field of arts, drama, acting and similar professions do extremely well this month. Romantic connections made this month may not be the right ones. Hence thinks twice. Income through insurance, will, etc are indicated. Business and profession are extremely good. Avoid taking stress as it will lead to increased blood pressure, if not controlled.

Srrinivas Iyer
Phala Jyotish
Vashi, Navi Mumbai
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The above readings are based on the sun-sign and the planetary transits thereof. It is general in nature. For specific readings seek out expert advice based on your individual chart.

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