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This Month's Forecast

November 2017

You have entered a period of good luck which runs for an entire year. Your persona shines, health improves and career is on an expansive path. There will be overseas travel and increased partnerships. Your brilliance is appreciated by your partners too. Finances too are great. Take care of blood pressures and related health signals. Opt for immediate medical attention. You connect with the masses and heads of state of various organizations to convey your thoughts for the welfare of the masses. Be thankful to existence and enjoy the flow.


Finances, creativity, self-learning, childrenís progress are the key focus this month. You are very expressive too. Overseas communication will be on a greater scale and also with your partners. Short distance travel is indicated. Avoid major investments as these will lock your finances and not provide returns easily. There could be sense of directionless over the next 18months. You will be more inclined to spirituality and inner consciousness. You embark on new journey, which are completely out of the box.


There is increased short distance travel and connections with number of people, such as public meetings, marriages, parties and the like. New sources of finances are seen, while overall your finances may through a roller coaster ride. Think twice. Those in academic pursuits do extremely well in studies. Romance, spirituality, learning and finances are all activated this month and success is assured. You are extremely receptive and emotional too, besides being intuitive in career related matters.


With Rahu transiting through your 1 house, these are period of major changes in your life. Major events occur along axis the 1 and 7 house and matters related to these areas. You would have already got a glimpse of this during September itself. Relationship turn sour and you are advised to nurture them very carefully. Expansion of house is seen and self-expression on the home front. Hard work to accomplish you goals are seen. Energy and activity levels on the work front are huge.


Financially and active month with increased cash flow is seen. Whether the cash flow is about surplus or shortage depends on your individual chart. Romance is indicated and you take the initiative in these matters. Do be mindful on your choice of words, or else relationship may turn sour. Self learning or higher education in academics is seen and you persistently make progress due to your own will power. Over the next 18months your enemies are curbed and opposition would be unable to stop you from achieving your goals.


Throughout the month you are sportive and very active. Money is in abundance and you make positive gains through your own wisdom and intelligence. Home life is stressed out. Those in professional life undergo a chance of job or role over the next few months. You may be alert for suitable opportunities. Such is the focus that there is no time for romance and academic studies. Implementation is your dharma. Chances of success in careers, far away from you birth place is seen.


You will tend to gain weight during the next one year and hence control your diet right from now. Relationship with partners is great, with you being the self-expressive one and taking the lead. Short distance travel is indicated for business reasons, particularly those involved in the field of journalism, teaching, research, teaching and the like. You enjoy being open minded and this comes very naturally to you. Minor health issues are indicated. Maintain balance between home and work life.


Overseas matters and night life suddenly gain momentum this month. Long distance travel with stay, conference calls, communicating through odd hours (cross boundary international communication) is clearly foreseen. So do are investments in these areas for those in the hotel industry. You make several new friendships particularly with the opposite sex. Motherís health also come under focus. Do communicate with her regularly. Some limitations are seen in your efforts, but you will overcome them through persistence.


The phase of mass communication and connection has begun. Along with that has also begun a testing phase for you. You are likely to be stressed out and not be fully motivated in this long running phase. Be positive and accept the phase of wheel of fortune turning all the time for everyone. Trust your intuition for any danger warnings coming to you naturally and avoid that travel or action. You are romantic at heart. Influences from unknown or hidden sources are seen.


Spirituality influences you and this is a long term influence, which begun two months ago. In career related matters go with the flow, rather than seeking clarity of the situation. Many of you will consult astrologers to get clarty into your life, which is fine. You attract partners from varied walks of life and also travel to new territories. Focus on your married life too, while the spiritual dimension takes precedence. An active month lies ahead for you with good health.


You are in search of mystical subjects like Moksha and will pursue with your efforts, while making good progress. There could be some hidden enemies working in the background, but you need to extra alert Career is great over the next one year, with rewards, promotion, self-expression, growth in terms of intelligence and appreciation. You also make connections with heads of state of large and influential organizations, for the welfare of the masses. Journalists do very well. Pray to Kali Ma for this positive Karmic phase.


Your sexual energy drive is very high. This is the right time for couples to start a family. Some of you put in efforts to unearth your past life connections through study or discussions with intellectual ones. Progress is assured for you in this direction, which transforms your outlook to life. Romance, unconventional education and means of earning from unconventional methods or modern age professions are indicated. Those in the field of information technology and communications do very well.


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