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Often people seek remedies to their various problems or issues they face. In this section, we will list the various remedies which each of you can follow without investing much of your money. Some of the common and safe remedies are
- Mantra Chanting, during your prayers.
- Simple white light meditation
- Cleansing of your Aura and energies at home.
- Protecting your space at home.

Often people suspect evil eye being cast on them or their families. Due to jealousy in the modern world, this is a very common doubt. However, one cannot be sure of it. Simple steps can be followed to ward off an evil eye.

a) Regularly use Agarbatti or Dhoop in your house, atleast twice a day, and spread it all the rooms.
b) Remove clutter from your house, which keeps good energy flowing around all the time.
c) Buy rock salt during the day time only from shop and cleanse your aura, when required or atleast once a week.
d) Mantra chanting is one such good practise. Chant any mantra,but avoid playing audio tapes in the background. This does'nt work. Even spending 10 minutes of Mantra chanting will make a great difference.

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