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Om Ganeshaya Namah.

The most widely used scientific methodology for predictions, Astrology is a very old vedic science. It is a unique art, which uses the date, time of birth and place of birth to cast the birth chart of an individual, and understand the influence of the transits of various planets on the present life situation and trends.

Everyone is unique, as created by the Higher forces and the Creator of the Universe. We are mere co-travellers in this universe who are here for a while. We are study hard, learn from our parents and apply our free will to make our own destiny. Haven’t you wondered that it would be better someone guided you through life giving you a ‘Disha’ , a ‘Direction’ in your journey of life? How would life be if someone was there to guide you, advise you, fore warn you about potential dangers and provide you exact timing of various events-be it positive or otherwise.

Tarot, Crystal ball and Astrology are such tools to guide and mentor you in life. Angel’s World offer this service to make your life more enjoyable, meaningful and of course get the best out of life.
My job is to be your life coach, mentor and Spiritual guide for each one of you. The goal is not just to support you and answer your queries, but also to accelerate your progress towards spirituality. We offer basic Tarot to the initial customer and later on as they connect with this approach, I work with you in a larger context of spiritual guidance and providing direction in life.

Planets continue to exercise their influence on us as they move in the zodiac. The Ancient Shastras through the medium of Vedic Astrology reveal many hidden aspects to man’s destiny. Today it is a well know fact that people use Astrology to time events, be it a Muhurat for marriage, new project launch, arrival of child in the family, starting overseas journey, starting a new job, Grah Pravesh ( entering your new house), conducting Pooja’s at home and many more.

Major transits of Saturn and Jupiter are known to cause major trends in the society, be it an economic boom, fall of major national political or social figure to natural disasters alike. Astrology has it’s influence at macro level or at the micro level, influencing the life of each individual. My deepest desire is to serve the mankind and make this a world a much better place, by contributing to the lives of each one of you to be best possible extent.

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